Monday, 5 March 2018

** Winter League 2018 - March update **

Winter league final double weekend moved to March 17th & 18th
The Broncos win again and edge past the Chargers.With the cancellation of last week we are now moving to a grand finale double week next week-end (weather permitting!!)
With 6 points up for grabs in next weeks double matches four of the teams still have a chance to win the league.
Some of the winning permutations:
·                     Broncos just need to win one of their 2 matches.
·                     Chargers need to win both matches
·                     Tigers or Colts need to win both matches and Eagles must beat the Chargers and Chargers must beat the Broncos
·                     Eagles can’t make it – but they can influence the outcome
·                     Best of all ....if Bears win both matches and Eagles beat the Chargers and Chargers beat the Broncos and Tigers beat Colts ... in that case maybe Bears would win based on head to head match results, but the rules committee will need to decide!!!!
A close finish again this year,
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